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39. Stellar Pig

Artist Loz Atkinson Biography Practicing and exhibiting for over 8 years, her widely collected work is provocative yet hopeful. Loz plays with perceptions of what is seen and not seen, enjoying an element of harmonious discord when creating work. Giving a mystical...

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38. Sundown

Artist MINKY Biography Minky's Art is heavily influenced by the Mexican holiday Dia De Los Muertos Day of the Dead. The idea of making something that can be perceived as a sad and upsetting occasion can be turned in a positive and happy celebration by the use of...

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37. Niall

Artist David Graham Biography David Graham is an art teacher in Liverpool as well as a freelance artist designer. He uses a wide range of 2D, 3D and digital media in his work. He has produced a number of public art sculptures over the past couple of years including...

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36. Floating Floyd

Artist Martin Davey Biography Martin Davey has worked in commercial illustration and TV for several decades and also paints landscapes in oil or acrylic. He is based in Southampton, Hampshire. Website: Location Salutation Inn Locate...

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35. Ooops!

Artist Orla Handley Biography Orla is an award winning freelance designer, artist and tv post production specialist based in Bristol. She studied Graphic Design at UWE Bristol and collected toy pigs as a child. Website: Location Taurus Arts...

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34. Tweedledee

Artist PJ Crook & Richard Parker Crook Biography   Location Jet Age Museum Locate Tweedledee Trot back Trot...

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