Gloucester Old Spots

The Gloucestershire Old Spots was the first pig to ever be given pedigree status.

Known as the ‘orchard pig’, the Gloucestershire Old Spots originates from the Severn Valley pig’ where they foraged on wind fallen apples and whey – bi-products of two of the county’s most famous exports, cider and cheese. It was championed along with other rare breeds, by Joe Henson MBE, at Cotswold Farm Park when it opened in 1971. His son, Adam, took over the running of the park in 1999 and is a presenter on the BBC’s Countryfile. It is in Joe and Adam’s honour that the pig is named ‘Henson’. 

Gloucestershire is also home to other rare breeds. Such as: 


The Cotswold Lion: 

The Cotswold Lion is actually a sheep! The sheep has a thick fleece and a white face and legs. It is very hardy. The breed originates from Roman estates on the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds region is actually named after the sheep! The ‘cots’ are the enclosures that contained the sheep and the ‘wolds ‘are the grassy hills that they grazed.  


Gloucester Cattle: 

Gloucester Cattle are brownish black with a distinctive white strip along the back and a white tail. Milk from Gloucester cattle is great for cheese making. They have been around the Severn Valley since the 13th century making them an ancient breed. 


Q: Where can I get a Henson Pigs Trail Map?

A: The Henson Pigs Trail maps can be downloaded here or you can pick up a printed version from a number of places in Gloucester including; The Tourist Information Centre

Q: Can I see the Henson Pigs 24 hours a day

A: Most of our Henson Pigs are outside and are accessible 24-hours a day, however, not all are. If you want to complete the trail and meet all of the Henson Pigs we recommend you complete the trail between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Q: Are all of the Henson Pigs accessible for wheelchair users and parents with pram or buggies?

A:  Yes all of our Henson are wheelchair and buggy accessible.

Q: How can I keep up to date with Henson News?

A: You’re in the right place! Keep an eye on this website, or follow Henson on social media.

Q: What happens if I notice that one of the Henson Pigs has been damaged?

A: If you spot any damage to a Henson Piga please contact us by email or TWEET us at @hensontrail 

Q: What is happening with the Henson pigs at the end of the trail?

A: There will be an Auction by the Pied Piper charity, on the 25th September 2017 – it’s at Bowden Hall, Gloucester

Three Counties Henson Pig Trail

Expanding on the success of last year’s Scrumpty Trail, there are 30 sculptures in the city with an additional number of Hensons appearing around the county. The partnership between the Royal Three Counties Show and Marketing Gloucester will encourage a deeper understanding of Gloucestershire’s rural heritage, promoting cultural tourism around the county, whilst providing opportunities for the two organisations to raise money for their preferred charities.

To keep up to date with Henson follow him on twitter @HensonTrail and like his Facebook Page @HensonTrail

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